5 Lies You’ve Been Told About Kizomba

Kizomba is a social dance that has really only begun to gain notice in the Caribbean in the last five years; most people had never heard of it before the Salsa Fiesta 2013. So it’s no wonder there’s some confusion surrounding this … Read More

A Salsa Dance Guide for Women

What men look for when inviting women to dance, 19 easy ways to attract more men to dance with you. At dances, men gravitate to women who are easily approachable. A woman doesn’t have to be the best dancer, or … Read More

Tips for the Leader

Dont make the girl do the turns —  guide her. This observation alone is very general, but it opens the door to help you understand dancing in a new way. Leading is the key to being a great dancer. Lets … Read More

Salsa Class

New Absolute Beginner’s Salsa Class is starting in March, please check out the accompanying online salsa beginner level 1a, a perfect addition to your practise. Introduction of Rueda de Casino is starting too, beginner’s salsa knowledge is required. Casino is … Read More

Kizomba Class

New absolute Beginner’s 1a and Intermediate 2a starts at the beginning of March. Please check also the accompanying online Kizomba Course for Level 1a, perfect to up you practise time.

Salsa Class

New Salsa Courses are starting on September 7th.

Kizomba Class

Our very first Kizomba class will start in May 2015, actually it is the first and only Kizomba class in Grenada Kizomba is one of the most popular genres of dance originating in Angola. It is a derivative of traditional … Read More