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We have been teaching salsa and other latin dances since Latin Vibes started, and it’s actually why we exist. We wanted to create a class atmosphere to enjoy and with your participation, laughter, sweat and feedback, we’ll get there. In the meantime, it’s a pretty amazing place: a place where you can come to have fun, meet interesting people, learn from some of the most talented instructors teaching today, and dance.

Come alone or with a partner or just by yourself. Come with your two left feet (we’ll help you sort them out!). Our classes can be everything from a fun date or just mingling with your “family” to an excellent exercise session. Whatever your goals, we can keep you engaged and having fun along the way.

We believe in order to level up in any dance you need to take advantage of different things: group classes, private instructions, practise and more practise.

Latin Vibes has been offering the group classes but our new online courses will help with videos for private instructions and practise sessions, alone or with your partner.

How levels work:

  • Level I Beginner
  • Level II Intermediate
  • Level III Advanced
  • Workshops

In Levels I and II, the instructors teach using a specific syllabus of steps. You will see an A, B and in some styles a C next to the level. Students need to be able to demonstrate the steps in A, B and where it applies, C before moving to the next level.
For example: In Salsa you would complete Level Ia andLevel Ib before moving to Level II.

NOTE: As a beginner you should start with Level 1a, but after completing 1a you may take the classes in any order i.e. Level Ic could be taken before Level Ib.

So far our group courses included:
Salsa Beginners

  • Level 1a
  • Level 1b

Salsa Intermediate

  • Level 2a
  • Level 2b
  • Level 2c

Kizomba Beginners

  • Level 1a
  • Level 1b

Kizomba Intermediate

  • Level 2a
  • Level 2b
  • Level 2c

Bachata Beginners

  • Level 1a

Bachata Intermediate

  • Level 2a

Argentine Tango

  • Introduction

More courses will be offered soon, please feel free to request any course

So far we are only offering 2 courses:

Other courses will be added soon.

Group Courses are usually for 8 weeks, including a Dance-Off and completion certificate.
Cost: EC$ 100

Individual walk-ins are only accepted with the permission of the instructor.
Cost: EC$15 per class

Online Courses are completed on your own timing.
Cost: US$ 25 (EC$ 66)*

*EC$ 25 if taken in conjunction to a group course, to be paid with the group course fee

Available Online Courses

Group Course Schedule

Wednesdays 6-7pm — Salsa Beginners Level 1a — Bananas Club
Wednesdays 7-8pm — Rueda de Casino Intro — Bananas Club

Thursdays 6-7pm — Kizomba Beginners Level 1a — The Priory House
Thursdays 7-8pm — Kizomba Intermediate Level 2a — The Priory House

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House Rules

Studio Policies

  • There are no refunds
  • Course must be completed within the designated period of time, No carry-overs!
  • Frequent Dancer package: Discounts available if you take more than one course at the same time, courses you expect to attend must be specified BEFORE discount applies.
  • Classes are minimum of 45 minutes in length.
  • Students may not begin a course later than the second week of the cycle.
  • Dancers must obtain permission from instructors to advance to the next level of group classes.
  • Same instructor cannot be guaranteed throughout the duration of package.
  • Private lessons, if available must be paid in advance before they can be scheduled and are non-refundable.